Duet Pilates session on the Reformer and the Cadillac Pilates refers to the lifework of Joseph Pilates: more than just an exercise routine, it was his vision to help people stay healthy and strong.

If you decide to explore the wonderful world of Pilates be prepared to get hooked! It’s a vast body of work with hundreds of exercises that teaches how to coordinate the body like no other discipline can. It helps build awareness of proper body alignment, and of which muscles work most efficiently. It teaches how to engage the deep abdominal muscles that give us so much strength. It teaches empowerment of the mind/body connection, and the importance of breath.The list of benefits is as vast as the amount of exercises he devised: Joseph Pilates was a visionary well ahead of his time!

At centerAlign Pilates is taught in a quiet setting, in private sessions or small groups. There is tremendous detail to each exercise, the full application of which is essential to gaining the maximum benefit.

Learn more about the work of Joseph Pilates.

Yamuna Body Rolling is helpful at any age Yamuna® Body Rolling is one facet of the teachings of Yamuna Zake, a yoga teacher and healer based in New York City. YBR® evolved out of her own “Hands On” technique, Body Logic. She designed YBR® to empower any individual to gain the skill to keep their own body in proper alignment. The work involves specific routines using different sized balls of varying density to release the muscles by using body weight, gravity, and applied pressure.

YBR® can be done by anyone. The routines can be performed as floorwork, sitting, or standing. Yamuna’s focus is "sustainability" of the body: one does not have to succumb to the aches and pains that are caused by repetitive motion and stress, it’s vital to keep the body “free, functioning and fabulous”.

At centerAlign there are weekly YBR® classes teaching floorwork. Private sessions are also available for anyone with issues that need to be addressed in more detail. Each routine within the YBR® system can also add “Hands On Assist” which allows for a deeper release by adding pressure.

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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is an effective technique that uses your body’s natural rhythms to increase your range of motion, recover faster from workouts, prevent creating new injuries and help rehabilitate old ones.

To help understand the technique, let’s break it down!

ACTIVE —    Muscles can really only do one thing at a time, they can contract or relax. When we contract our quads, the hamstrings will automatically relax. So to stretch the hamstrings we’ll actively contract our quads, apply a slight pressure, and hold it for 2 seconds.

ISOLATED —    We’ll isolate the muscle that we’re stretching. So, if we’re going to stretch the hamstrings (the muscles on the back of the thigh), we will activate the quad to isolate the hamstring and gently get into the stretch.

STRETCH —    When a muscle is stretched for longer than 3 seconds and with more than just a gentle force, the body will contract that muscle to ensure it doesn’t tear. This is a healthy and natural response called The Stretch Reflex. In AIS we only hold a stretch for 2-3 seconds and with gentle pressure; this keeps the body from instigating a Stretch Reflex.

It really is simple and effective! We actively contract the opposite muscle we’re trying to stretch, thereby isolating the muscle we’re targeting, and hold the stretch for 2 seconds (then repeat 8-10 times). Each repetition will increase your range of motion, increase circulation to the isolated area, and flush away toxins and cell debris.

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