Educating the body

I’ve studied the body my whole life.

My first career began at the tender age of four when — like so very many four year olds — I was smitten with ballet. It continued until I retired from ballet at the (only slightly less tender) age of thirty-one; every day spent studying, learning, and fine tuning my body to be the instrument I needed it to be on stage.

My second and current career has had me delving even further into the intricacies of the body and its anatomy, studying the forces that affect and wear on it, the forces that cause aches and pains, and learning various methods to prevent and control the inevitable toll of years and years of gravity.

15 years of delving, studying, and learning later I’m still amazed at how much simply reeducating the body can make a difference in one’s well-being, and I’m even more amazed at the fact that the majority of people have never really learned anything practical about anatomy — what is good for it, and what isn’t.

It boggles my mind that as children we learn calculus, trigonometry, biology, grammar… the list goes on and on. Yet, the one thing that we carry with us (all while it carries us with it) our whole lives is barely touched on: our anatomy, and its alignment!

We never learn that proper scapula placement is important in preventing shoulder injuries later in life. We never learn the fact that balancing our muscle and fascia structure is integral to our body maintaining its strength and to preventing injury.

My poor kids get tired of their Mom telling them not to walk like ducks, to slide their shoulders down, to keep their spines long. I hope that one day, when they’re adults, they’ll look back and be happy that their nagging Mom just wanted to teach them something so invaluable that most people unfortunately only learn after many surgeries, or after suffering through lots of (avoidable) pain. If then!

It’s never too early to educate the body.

But the good news is: it’s also never too late.

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