centerAlign is a quiet space offering Private and semi-Private Pilates instruction, as well as introducing The Woodlands and surrounding areas to one of the wonderful techniques of Yamuna Zake: Yamuna® Body Rolling. The name of the studio derives from two words:

Center — The “center” is the focal point of the Pilates Method. In this context, center refers to the “powerhouse” where the abdominal muscles work in conjunction with the deep back muscles.

Align — Yamuna® Body Rolling helps allow the body to relax into its proper placement.

With proper alignment and core strength one can help maintain a healthy posture. When a body is in proper alignment it can handle repetitive movement and the stresses that everyday life brings. It can breathe better, digest better, work more efficiently, and it can function as designed!

With  decades of combined teaching experience the instructors at centerAlign focus on these modalities to bring wellness to the body.

It takes commitment and work to change lifelong postural habits. There are no quick fixes, but – given time – the results are everlasting!

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