DK BodyBalancing Pilates certification

Looking forward to the start tomorrow of our Pilates mat and reformer certification at centerAlign. I am grateful to share Dolly Kelepecz’s certification that stemmed from her work with Eve Gentry and Elizabeth Larkam. Thank you Dolly for this opportunity to carry on the gifts you have given me.

Yamuna Body Rolling Phase I

Thanks to Dianne Glass for such a great YBR Phase I course this weekend here in The Woodlands. And, thanks to Sue Brooks of The Woodlands Yoga Studio for graciously sharing her space. We had a great group of 24 women and men that spent the weekend with the beginning course of Yamuna Body Rolling’s certification for practitioners. Looks like this area will gain more YBR practitioners soon enough…can’t wait as we continue to share Yamuna’s work with more and more people!