Pilates and Our Children : Fitness for the Future – Balanced Body

Pilates is great for all ages: Balanced Body has a great article posted on their website that discusses Pilates for kids. The benefits are tremendous, which is why centerAlign has built a Private PE program that is CISD approved for junior high/high school students. Pilates has taught so many people how to correct alignment issues they were not previously aware of, and that have caused them health issues and pain.

If younger kids can develop proper alignment before adulthood, they’ll have better tools to handle all kinds of movement and to help them prevent the bad habits that can cause injury and pain as they age.

Pilates and Our Children : Fitness for the Future – Balanced Body

There are no guarantees Pilates will help you live to 104…

but why take a chance?


Here’s a great article about a 104 year old great-grandmother in the UK who manages to stay active with Pilates.

“I’ve always liked keeping fit,” she said. “And now I make sure I do lots of walking as well as taking part in Pilates lessons.”

Read more: http://www.sevenoakschronicle.co.uk/Vera-s-Pilates-regime-proving-key-long-life/story-21158934-detail/story.html#ixzz34Sy4ELBO

You’re never too young or too old to learn about your body. centerAlign Pilates and Body Rolling is a CISD approved Private PE facility, and its clients range from their pre-teens into their Eighties (and aiming for 104!).

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Yamuna in January 2015!!!!

I am so excited to announce that Yamuna is coming to The Woodlands to teach Phase I YBR in January 2015!  It will take place at The Woodlands Yoga Studio from January 16th-January 18th, 2015. Anyone may take this phase of the training. Thanks to the New York studio for working with me as I am so thrilled that Yamuna will be coming herself to teach this training . So, if you are interested in this training I wouldn’t wait to sign up. We have many already interested to get the opportunity to work with Yamuna herself. More information about the Phase I training and registering can be found at  http://www.yamunabodyrolling.com/training/body_rolling/index.php