University of Nevada at Las Vegas: DK Body Balancing certification

What a great month working with my teacher Dolly Kelepecz! Amazing insight of 30 years in the Pilates industry. Shared her study with Eve Gentry and her own physical therapy and dance background. Looking forward to more work with her as one of her master trainers!

Anatomy in Clay

We so enjoyed having Dolly Kelepecz for our first week of our UNLV Pilates certification. The participants worked very hard as they were in the studio 6-7 hours for the last four days. Thank you again to my teacher for making the trip from Las Vegas to work with everyone. So insightful to be exposed to her knowledge of 30 years of teaching Pilates as a student herself of Eve Gentry and Elizabeth Larkham. We look forward to her return in a couple of weeks for more of the certification and especially for our Anatomy in Clay section. This portion may be taken separately from the certification. Pilates instructors in the area would enjoy this visual of the muscles in the body. We still have a few spots left! ┬áIf you haven’t experienced this work before you won’t want to miss it! If interested in joining please contact

Pilates certification

Our Pilates mat certification through DK Body Balancing Pilates Method begins this week. Looking forward to working again with my teacher, Dolly Kelepecz. There will be lots of hundreds done at the studio this week…happy hundreds!