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CENTERALIGN is a calm, quiet space offering Private and semi-Private Pilates instruction. The name of the studio derives from two words:

CENTER — The "center" is the focal point of the Pilates Method. In this context, center refers to the "powerhouse" where the abdominal muscles work in conjunction with the deep back muscles.

ALIGN — Yamuna® Body Rolling helps allow the body to relax into its proper placement.

With proper alignment and core strength one can help maintain a healthy posture. When a body is in proper alignment it can handle repetitive movement and the stresses that everyday life brings. It can breathe better, digest better, work more efficiently, and it can function as designed!

With decades of combined teaching experience the practitioners at centerAlign focus to bring wellness to the body.

It takes commitment and work to change lifelong postural habits. There are no quick fixes, but – given time – the results are everlasting!

Melanie Nasser's Headshot Melanie Nasser grew up in the Woodlands before leaving to pursue a career as a Professional Dancer. She has been Principal Dancer with Tulsa Ballet as well as Ohio Ballet, and has performed Internationally on stages as far flung as Hawaii, Japan, and New York. Melanie’s interest in — and respect for — Pilates developed well before she began instructing: she is a direct beneficiary of the healing power of the method. Melanie learned the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates first hand after an ACL tear that could have been a career ending mishap. Her performing life was extended through a combination of orthopedic surgery and intensive Pilates based therapy.

When an opportunity to build a Pilates programme fell in her lap several years later, Melanie became certified through D.K. Body Balancing and retired from dance. She taught for close to a decade in Tulsa, where her clientele ranged in age from aspiring young dancers to spry senior citizens, from expectant mothers to athletes returning from injury, from business men reclaiming fitness after heart surgery to a former member of the US Olympic Tae Kwon Do team.

In Tulsa Melanie worked alongside her mentor Danielle Cap Lema who uses Dennis Gibbons’ Muscle Release Therapy, MRTh® to complement the studio’s Pilates offerings.

Melanie’s exposure to the power and benefits of Pilates combined with her mentor’s Release Work — and her never-ending quest to bring her clients the full movement potential of a well aligned body — has led her to spend the last few years exploring and learning Yamuna® Body Rolling. In 2011 she completed the full course work and all testing to become a certified YBR practitioner: the first in the area north of Houston and only one of seven in the State of Texas.

Never content to sit back and reflect on her previous accomplishments, Melanie has added to her considerable depth of knowledge and is now a certified D.K. Body Balancing Master Trainer.

Melanie’s vision for centerAlign is simple: to help her clients prevent unnecessary injuries while improving and enhancing the movement potential of their bodies. Melanie looks forward to continuing to share her years of experience with the Woodlands community, and to combine, and apply the techniques of visionaries Joseph Pilates and Yamuna Zake.

Heather Thompson's Headshot Heather Thompson was raised in League City, Texas and was very active in performing arts. She completed her Bachelors of Arts degree at California State University and it was there that she was introduced to Pilates. Upon graduation, she flew to New York and trained with one of the original elders, Romana Kryzanowska and received her teaching certification in 2000.

What started as a great job to support her performing career, turned into a great passion. Heather loves the human body and is fascinated with what it can do. She has studied with many teachers and techniques and loves the challenge every body brings to her. In 2008, she received her training in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). This technique increases range of motion, improves athletic performance, and decreases risk of injury. It is a great complement to Pilates and she uses both techniques to help people of all walks of life feel great.

When Heather is not teaching, she enjoys the sunny outdoors running, hiking, and biking with her husband and two boys.

Maureen Spillane's Headshot Maureen Spillane grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and established a career with Aetna Life and Casualty. After living in San Diego for a number of years, she moved to The Woodlands, Texas in 1999 with her husband and their two daughters.

Several years ago, while searching for a Pilates instructor for her daughter, Maureen found Melanie Nasser and centerAlign. After seeing the progress that her daughter was making, Maureen decided to take up Pilates as well... and discovered a new passion!

She finds the experience of what Pilates can do to keep the body healthy, and the impact it has on the mind/body connection fascinating. Maureen began pursuing her own certification early in 2014, and has studied with Melanie’s teacher, Dolly Kelepecz of DK Body Balancing and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. She is certified through DK Body Balancing in levels 1 and 2 for Pilates mat and equipment, and will conclude her level 3 certification in August, 2015. Maureen is thrilled to be a part of centerAlign!

When Maureen is not studying Pilates, she enjoys spending time with her husband, their daughters (both at the University of Alabama), traveling (especially to the ocean!), music, good friends, and her house full of pets!

Samantha Hendricks' Headshot Samantha Hendricks graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance. She is a professional Modern Dancer in the Houston area and recently studied with a dance company in Rome, Italy. In college she was introduced to Pilates and found out how much of a difference it made in her dancing. Over time she saw the effects and possibilities that Pilates had – not just for her but for anyone.

Samantha is Pilates certified through Balanced Body, and focuses on correct body alignment, breath, core activation, flexibility, and coordination. She has experience instructing athletes, and special populations, with injury prevention, and with back pain relief.

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